Graham Coxon, The Junction 24th April 2012

Graham Coxon – The Junction 24th April 2012

The last time Graham Coxon played Cambridge it was in support of his ‘psych-folk’ album’ the spinning top’. Because of the complexity of the guitar playing, he spent most of his time sat on the floor of the Soul Tree. This tour is in support of a very different album, the 8th of his solo career ‘A+E’ and this time there was no sitting down. It was a high energy, unrelenting set.

The night kicked off with ‘Advice’ the opening track of the new album and it set the tone for the evening. They sped through ‘Don’t let your man’ and a blistering ‘Standing on your own’. It was the new songs that really impressed, ‘City Hall’ pulsated with post punk menace, ‘Meet & Drink & Pollinate’ chugged along and then exploded, ‘running for your life’ bounced along, a joyous noise. By the time the main set juddered to halt with ‘ohh yeah yeah’ I felt exhausted, the pace had been frantic. The crowd were obviously loving it, we had a stagediver and cries of ‘Graham you’re so cool, we love you’.

The encore was more of the same, highlights being ‘what’ll it take’ and ‘Freakin out’. The last song of the night ‘tripping over’ was the only real change of tempo. This was a joyous show; Graham and band are obviously having a ball playing this new material and it shows. Who would have believed that the shy, introvert of ‘Leisure’ and ‘Modern Life is rubbish’ would become a bona fide punk pop, guitar hero?

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