Bob Log lll, the Portland Arms, 10th May 2012

Bob Log is a bayou one man band, he plays blues and slide guitar, a kick-drum and a homemade foot cymbal and is one of the most entertaining live acts your ever likely to see. Decked out in a black skintight cannonball suit and a motorcycle helmet he kicks off the first of his ‘party tunes’. Fast picking blues and slide guitar combine with distorted vocals as he whips up a party atmosphere. The music and banter are contagious and on another otherwise dreary Thursday night The Portland parties.

To show our appreciation Bob asks for ‘liquid applause’ and drinks arrive on the front of the stage throughout the show. One of these drinks is a scotch and after taking a slug he kicks into ‘boob scotch’. This is followed by an invite for audience members to put their boob in his scotch, we get a volunteer, our very own Rachel Stagger, and Bob responds in kind raising a pint to his chest before handing it back. The audience participation doesn’t end there; we’re invited to sit on his knee during ‘I want your shit on my leg’. We also get a rousing rendition of ‘clap your tits’ again participation is encouraged and not just from the women in the audience.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, the lyrics are scatological and boobs seem to be a theme that runs through his work, but there is no denying he’s a great guitar player and entertainer.

In Bob’s own words ‘that’s what rock’n’roll is. You take a guitar, turn it up, make the ladies dance, and have a good time’

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