Stagger 25th September 2012

Tonight’s Proper Stagger:
Mike Flowers Pops: Velvet Underground Medley
The Gallows: Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead)
EULA: Bone Density
Tone Loc: Funky Cold Medina
White Stripes: Dead Leaves On The Cold Ground
The Vines: Autumn Shade
The Fall: Guest Informant
DIIV: Doused
Friends: Home
Toy: Dead & Gone
Drop Out Venus: Elastic Teen Rent
Inspiral Carpets: She Comes in the Fall
!!!: Feel Good Hit of the Fall

Listen again here

And then Secret Stagger:
Gorillaz: Stylo
Janka Nabay & the Bubi Gang: Feba
MIA: Paper Planes (Diplo Street Mix)
British Sea Power: No Lucifer
The Smiths: Panic
King Elio Boom: El Tren
Polysics: Buggie Technica 2012
Lighnin Hopkins: Jake Head
She Keeps Bees: Gimme
Ty Seagall & White Fence: I Am Not A Game
Dr John: Revolution
Kid Koala: 2 bit Blues
Negativland: Michael Jackson
Tamikrest: Aratan N Tinariwen
Culture: Lion Rock
EULA: Honor Killer.

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