Stagger Awards 2012!

Congratulations to all winners at the 2012 Stagger Awards. In particular those that came to pick up their awards. Tonight’s show was full of winning tunes:

Best Commercial Success: Tame Impala (we played Elephant)
Best Cover Version: Surfjan Stevens – Alphabet Street
Best Shouty Album: White Lung – Sorry (we played Thick Lip)
Best Animal Themed Song: Mary Epworth – Black Doe
Best Support Act: Tigercats (we played Banned at the Troxy)
Silver Hero Of The Year: Dinosaur Jr (we played Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know)
Best Psychedelic Funk Retro Thing: Goat (we played The Sun The Moon)
Best Re-issue: My Bloody Valentine (we played You Made Me Realise)
Best Album: Drop Out Venus – Tapeheart (we played an excerpt)
Best Track: Grimes – Oblivion
Gig of the Year: Bob Log III (we played Boob Scotch)
Local Hero: Green Mind Gigs (we played the awesome Bo Ningen’s Daikaisei Part 1)
And Chuck D was welcomed into the Stagger Hall Of Fame (we played Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think)

You can listen to this exciting night of glitz and glamour by following this link.

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