Stagger Awards! 19th January 2015


The tables are being cleared away, the red carpet is rolled up for next year and the last tuxedoed guest is slumped in a corner.
The Stagger Awards Show in full:
Dinosaur Jr: Start Choppin
Kate Tempest: Lonely Daze (Best Story Teller)
The Wytches: Gravedweller (Best Track)
I Strip For Couples: Fault Jam 1974 (Best Local Single)
Melt Banana: Infection Defective (Best Gig)
Bloody Knees: 100 Days (Best Local Live Act)
The Bullet Proof Bomb: Suitcase (Gig Of The Week)
Lonely the Brave: Deserter (Local Band Made It Big)
The Seven Twenty: Cameo, in New York exclusively for Stagger (Best International Artist)
Sleaford Mods: Tied Up In Nottz (Album of the Year)
J Mascis: Wide Awake (Stagger Legend Hall Of Fame)
White Fence: Chairs In The Dark (Sixties Retro Psychedelic Track Of The Year)
Sun Kil Moon (Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes (Sun Kil Moon Vs War On Drugs won the very prestigious award for Celebrity Spat of the Year)
Thanks to all our guests, and all the artists that brightened up our year.  Looking forward to lots more in 2015.

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