Stagger: 5 years together!

Stagger tonight: celebrating 5 years with friends:

Tickleworthy: Boogie On In Vain
Flux32: What If
The Black Keys: Tighten Up
Pete Um: Death Needs Time (live on Stagger)
The Puncture Repair Kit Murder Is Probably Wrong
De La Soul: Superfit Jellyfish Ft Gorillaz & Gruff Rhys
Colourmusic: Yes!
The Seven Twenty: Cameo (recorded in NYC exclusively for Stagger)
Tape Runs Out: Friends (see them on Saturday, Oxjam at the Grapes)
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip: Get Better
Mammoth Penguins: Propped Up By Affection (live on Stagger)
I Strip For Couples: Guilty Pleasures (live on Stagger)
Hot Chip: One Life Stand
The Scissors: Your House Has Ghosts

Thanks to everyone who’s listened, contributed, guested on the show, supported behind the scenes and all the musicians who’ve made the last five years brilliant!

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