Stagger: 12th March 2017

A huge thank you to Goliath Theory for joining us tonight. Their acoustic songs sounded great in the studio and we’re looking forward to their EP coming out soon.

We played:

Childish Gambino: Boogieman

Goliath Theory: Gushing Blood

Rainbow Knife: Be Like The Rain

Broadway Danny Rose: Find It Hide Hit (catch them on Davey Hammond’s Smelly Flowerpot on Monday night 9-11pm, and on the Cambridge Calling compilation via German Shepherd records)

Goliath Theory: Chickamauga (live in the studio)

Mirrored Lips: 22 (at the Blue Mon on Friday)

Fret!: Hillbilly  (also at the Blue Moon on Friday)

The Gaslight Anthem; 1930

Goliath Theory; Underwater (live on Stagger)

Ricky Boom Boom & Tom Colborn: Eyes of Strangers

Goliath Theory: Family Ties

Goliath Theory: Why You Always High


Look out for the show on Mixcloud – appearing soon!

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