Stagger! 18th June 2017

This week:

Melt Banana: Surfin USA

The Big Moon: Silent Movie Suzie (see The Big Moon at the Portland on 24th Sept

Searching Grey: Carry On

The Distractions: Nothing (happy birthday Davey Hammond of the Smelly Flowerpot, this Monday, 9-11 on Radio Cambridge 105)

Psychic Lemon: TiCk ToK (at the Portland on Monday)

Beak>: Spinning Top

DJ Format and Abdominal: We’re Back

Manila Filters: Greedy Tense (at Relevant Records on Saturday night)

Pete Um: Scary People (also at Relevant on Saturday)

She Keeps Bees; Head of Steak

Bonono: Bambro Koyo Ganda

DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels: Nobody Speak

Flowers Must Die: Källa Till Ovisshet (at the Portland on Monday)

Daedalus: Fairweather Friends

Check out Mixcloud: this show will on uoaded soinish and there’s a huge back catalogue all ready for sunny evenings.

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