Stagger (Pronunciation: /ˈstagə/)


To walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall over.  Generally brought about by the imbibing of Guinness, Austrian Rum, Kronenbourg and other similar beverages.

Indie  (Pronunciation: /ˈɪndi/)


(of a popular beat combo, record label) Not belonging or affiliated to a major record company.  A characteristically alternative, unpolished, edgy or uncommercial style of music typical of small independent pop groups or anyone else we like.  Could include dubstep, hip-hop, industrial, house, metal or lounge.

Staggerindie (Pronunciation: /ˈstttagggerindiiieee/)


A shambolic show presented by three lovable music fans desperate to play listeners the latest indie tracks, classics from yesteryear and quite frankly anything that takes their fancy.   Can be listened to on a wireless music device on Sunday night from 10-11 on Cambridge 105.


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