What you’re saying about Stagger:

“My favourite programmes on Cambridge 105 are Rebel Arts and Stagger” – Mark (Cambridge)

“Tune!” – Laura’s Mum (Bar Hill)

“I don’t really understand what you’re saying most of the time” – Sonia (Spain)

“I’ve just bought Waiting for the Young Soul Rebels by Dexys after hearing a track on Stagger” – David (Cambridge)

“I liked it when Rachel yawned on air” – Sarah (Cambridge)

“Great show, top tunes. Keep up the good work and fuck the jubilee!!” – King Of Hedges (Cambridge)

“Please can you turn it down a bit?” – Mrs Smith (Cambridge)

“I dont think ur painful at all – music etc. Soundin great  just staggered home
and can’t get radio inbeedroom to work  – great show hopefully hear you  next
time —– great songs -off to bed in 15 mins” – Nev (Cambridge)

“Play some sodding inspiral carpets.” – Ian (Cambridge)

“I listened to the show last night, and was doing great until about 5 songs in when I felt the bang of food poisoning kick in….  Oh boy…. Yuk.” – Tricia (Belfast)

“Very good, not the tosh I was expecting. I laughed AND had a bit of a bed disco. Bed disco – sounds wrong” – Claire (London)


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  1. Alfrey says:

    Brilliant! Alfrey (Isle of Sheppey)

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